Escape Rooms as experiences

Escape Rooms started with one goal in mind: get out of a room where you happen to be trapped. The premise was always different, but the objective was clear. During the years, though, this confining (pun intended) framework started being broken out by new games that wanted to tell another story.

Project Selena Escape Room Teaser

Today, Escape Rooms don’t conform to the original design anymore, they are interactive and immersive challenges and experiences. They tell a story and let you be the main characters. They transpose you in a different universe where everything could be different and you need to discover the rules by yourself.

When you step into a modern escape room, you are being immersed in a story rather than just start a series of puzzles. In that regard it is very much like a movie, only much more interactive. Maybe a board game then, but life-sized and with you being the heroes.

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